Spring/Summer Menominee County/Nation Strong Women!

Strong Women is an exercise program for middle-aged and older women.  The program is based on years of research on how strength training and proper nutrition improve the health of women of all ages.  This strength training program has been found to improve bone density, reduce falls, improve arthritis symptoms, and increase flexibility and strength.  Strong Women Advanced classes are available!  There is NO fee for the class and elders may ride transit for free to class by calling 715-799-3222.  All equipment for the class has been provided through a grant through the Menominee Tribal Clinic and through a generous donation from the MITW’s Department of Aging and Long Term Care. The winter session is just wrapping up and another class will begin in 1-2 months.  Call Dawn Doperalski, Health & Well-Being Educator, Division of Extension – Menominee County/Nation, at 715-799-6226, ext 5714 for additional information.